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who is emvu?

emily vu {emvu} is 24 and based in san francisco.

currently, she is a product manager at Splice, building all things search & personalization 🔍. previously, she was a product manager at Spotify, working on ML tools for podcast experiences 🤖, building digital mixtapes 💿, and designing Spotify-themed resumes.

in her free time, she enjoys mixing music in her bedroom (and occasionally, at the club), getting coffee on Sunday mornings, and sunbathing in the golden gate park.


portfolio – my 9-5 work 💻

gallery – my creative work 🪞

soundcloud – my mixes 🎧

substack – my thoughts 🐈


books – what i’m reading 💫

films – what i’m watching 🪐

albums – what i’m listening to 🪩

places – where i’m traveling 🌍